Saturday, October 31, 2009

9 and oh man did my heart just stop?

Oh man, I just don't know what to say about this Iowa football team. What can I say after four third quarter interceptions almost had me convinced that the streak was going to end? But then to come back in the fourth quarter to win by 18 points? Fittingly, the 1979-1980 Iowa basketball team that went to the final four was honored before today's game. That team went through ups and downs but made it to the final four.

I see great things ahead for the Hawks. Whether that's the national championship game on Jan 7 (doubtful), the Rose Bowl on Jan 1 (fingers crossed), or a prestigious Jan 1 bowl game (no doubt); I just wish they'd give me a game that didn't sink me to the lowest of the lows only to bring me back to the highest of the highs. My heart can't take it.

For now good night.

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