Saturday, October 4, 2008

A sad day and a couple brighter ones

It was a sad day when my buddy Doug received a letter in the mail from the president of our Veterans of the Battle of the Bulge chapter saying that he was disbanding the group. He and his wife are moving to an assisted living facility in a far distant community to be near one of their daughters. I fully understand his need for help in caring for his wife, who is wheel chair bound. He can walk only with the aid of two canes. What bewilders me and some of my friends in the group is that he canceled the September meeting, which was to take place long before he and his wife moved. Why not hold one last meeting, announce his decision, and give someone else the chance to assume leadership of the group or at least take a vote on disbanding? I have enjoyed these meetings immensely, as my friends and family can attest. I'm disappointed that our VBOB chapter is to be no more, and I'm just a bit bitter that our president handled it the way he did. Can you tell?

On a brighter note, my web sibling Don down in Texas came across a Battle of the Bulge board game and, thinking of me, put it in the mail. If you're old enough, think of the board game "Risk", except on a smaller scale. Thanks Don.

Another happy day occurred when I discovered a Canadian nursing student's blog at http://running aka Running Wildly I read a lot of nursing blogs, and this is the best one I've read so far. She is passionate about her life and about nursing, and it shows. I look forward to reading about her journey in the months and years to come. Look for the link on the right. For now, good night.

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